Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk v11.054.101 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

magic tiles 3 mod apk

Experience Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk with unlimited diamonds and unlocked songs for endless musical fun. Enjoy ad-free gameplay and master every tune with ease.






130 MB




5.1 and up


MOD, Unlimited Money

Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk, developed by AMANOTES PTE LTD, offers a thrilling musical experience for smartphone users. This engaging game has won the hearts of many with its unique gameplay and an extensive library of songs. As the latest installment in the Magic Tiles series, it builds on its predecessors’ success while introducing new features and challenges. Designed for music lovers and gamers alike, Magic Tiles 3 tests your reflexes and hand-eye coordination in a fun and immersive way.

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  • MOD
  • Unlimited Money

Download Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk

Magic Tiles 3 is simple yet addictive. Players must tap on colored tiles that appear on the screen in time with the music. The tiles, which can be black, blue, or colorless, must be pressed or held for the correct duration to score points. As you progress, the speed of the tiles increases, challenging your reflexes and timing. The objective is to avoid missing tiles or hitting the wrong areas, which would result in losing the game. The gameplay is intuitive but becomes increasingly challenging. Starting at a normal speed, the tiles’ pace accelerates as you reach higher scores and milestones. From 0 to 3 stars, the speed is manageable, but from 3 stars to 2 crowns, it doubles. Reaching over 3 crowns, the speed triples, requiring players to be extremely quick and precise. This progression keeps the game exciting and engaging, pushing players to continuously improve their skills.


Diverse Song Library

Magic Tiles 3 boasts an impressive collection of songs from various genres, including pop, EDM, classical, and hip-hop. This extensive library ensures that there is something for every music lover. New songs are unlocked as players advance through the game or by using in-game currency. This variety keeps the game fresh and appealing, allowing players to enjoy different musical experiences.

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High-Quality Sound and Graphics

The game features high-quality sound that replicates the feel of playing real piano keys. Each tap on the tiles produces a clear and crisp note, enhancing the musical experience. The 2D graphics are simple yet elegant, with beautiful gradient tones that create a visually pleasing environment. The combination of sound and graphics makes Magic Tiles 3 a delight to play.

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Progressive Difficulty

As players progress through the game, the difficulty increases. The tiles appear faster, and the rhythms become more complex, offering a continuous challenge. This progressive difficulty ensures that players are always engaged and motivated to improve their skills. It also adds a sense of accomplishment as players master more challenging levels.

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Rewards and Unlockables

Magic Tiles 3 offers various rewards to keep players motivated. Coins and diamonds can be earned by completing levels and watching promotional videos. These in-game currencies can be used to purchase new tracks and other in-game items. The sense of progression and the ability to unlock new content add to the game’s appeal.

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Multiplayer Mode

The game includes an online multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete with others from around the world. This feature adds a social element to the game, making it even more engaging. Players can challenge their friends and see who can achieve the highest scores, adding a competitive edge to the musical fun.

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Ad-Free Experience

For those who prefer an uninterrupted gaming experience, the Magic Tiles 3 version offers an ad-free interface. This modified version eliminates ads, allowing players to enjoy their favorite tracks without interruptions. It also provides unlimited coins and diamonds, enabling players to unlock content more quickly and easily.


Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk is a captivating game that combines the love of music with the excitement of fast-paced gameplay. Its simple yet challenging mechanics, diverse song library, high-quality sound and graphics, and rewarding progression system make it a standout in the music game genre. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a casual player, Magic Tiles 3 offers endless entertainment and a chance to improve your musical skills. Download Magic Tiles 3 today and get on a musical journey that will keep you coming back for more.

  • Optimized gameplay.
  • Bug fixed.

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