Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk v5.0.0 (Menu/Immortal/Onehit)

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Summon your inner Saiyan spirit and embark on a heroic journey in Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk. Collect, train, and battle alongside your favorite Dragon Ball heroes. Get ready for an electrifying gaming experience that combines strategy and intense action like never before!


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6.0 and up



In a world where mobile gaming has taken the industry by storm, Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK stands tall as a powerhouse of action, strategy, and Saiyan power. If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball series and have been itching to immerse yourself in its epic battles, this modified version of the game is your ticket to an enhanced experience.

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  • Immortal
  • One Hit
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Download Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk

With a plethora of features that will blow your mind, Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is a must-have for any anime and gaming enthusiast. Join us as we dive deep into the world of Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK, exploring its exciting features and why you should hit that download button right away!

Intuitive 3D Control and Dynamic Combat

Dragon Ball Legends APK redefines mobile gaming by providing players with an intuitive control system that allows them to take command of their favorite Dragon Ball fighters in a fully realized 3D environment. Gone are the days of clunky controls; instead, players can seamlessly execute complex moves, dodging opponents in real-time and countering attacks with precision. The dynamic combat system ensures that every battle is a visual spectacle, with characters fluidly performing signature moves and building jaw-dropping combos. It’s not just a game; it’s a martial arts masterpiece brought to life on your mobile device.

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Strategic Gameplay with Rising Rush

The gameplay in Dragon Ball Legends APK is not just about button-mashing; it requires strategic thinking and quick decision-making. The Rising Rush mechanic adds a layer of depth to the battles, as players must fill Dragon Ball slots during combat to unleash a powerful team-based Rising Rush attack. This feature encourages players to think strategically, considering the timing of their moves and the composition of their team. It’s not just about raw power; it’s about mastering the art of combat and outsmarting your opponents.

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Immersive World of Dragon Ball

Step into a visually stunning and immersive world as Dragon Ball Legends APK faithfully recreates the classic anime action with high-quality 3D characters and meticulously designed stages. The smooth character animations bring a modern touch to iconic special moves, making every battle a cinematic experience. Whether you’re reliving classic Dragon Ball Sagas or forging new adventures with original storylines, the game captivates players with its attention to detail and dedication to recreating the magic of the Dragon Ball universe on the mobile platform.

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Original RPG Storyline with Akira Toriyama’s Touch

Dragon Ball Legends APK not only lets you play as legendary characters but introduces an original RPG storyline featuring a new character designed by none other than Akira Toriyama himself. This ensures that the game is not just a rehash of familiar narratives but offers a fresh and exciting adventure for both seasoned fans and newcomers to the Dragon Ball saga. The inclusion of Toriyama’s design adds authenticity and a sense of continuity to the Dragon Ball universe, making the game a must-play for enthusiasts of the series.

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Summon Iconic DB Characters for Your Ultimate Party

One of the most enticing features of Dragon Ball Legends APK is the opportunity to summon and collect iconic characters from the Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super anime series. From Goku’s awe-inspiring Super Saiyan forms to the cunning Frieza, the brilliant Bulma, the mighty Beerus, the wise Whis, the valiant Trunks, and the beloved Gohan, players can assemble their dream team for epic battles. The roster of fan-favorite characters adds depth and variety to the gameplay, allowing players to create the ultimate Dragon Ball party and tailor their strategies to their preferred fighting style.

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In conclusion, Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is a game that takes the already thrilling world of Dragon Ball and cranks it up to eleven. With unlocked characters, unlimited energy, increased damage output, enhanced graphics, and an ad-free experience, it offers an unbeatable gaming experience for fans of the series. If you’re ready to step into the shoes of Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Dragon Ball warriors, this MOD version is the way to go. Download it today and embark on an epic journey through the Dragon Ball universe.

  • Major bug fix
  • Performance enhanced

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