FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Apk v3.22.0 (God Mode, Unlimited Money)

frag pro shooter mod apk

Download the FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Apk for unlimited coins and gems, and dominate the battlefield with ease!


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God Mode, Unlimited Money

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Apk is an exhilarating mobile shooting game that has captivated millions of players worldwide. Combining elements of both first-person and third-person perspectives, the game offers a dynamic and fast-paced environment where strategy and reflexes are equally essential. Players form teams and engage in intense battles, striving to outscore their opponents with tactical precision and teamwork. With its vibrant graphics, diverse characters, and engaging gameplay modes, FRAG Pro Shooter stands out as a top choice for shooting game enthusiasts.

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  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Money

Download FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Apk

In FRAG Pro Shooter, players are thrust into a high-energy battlefield where they must cooperate with their teammates to defeat the opposing team. Each match involves two teams, each consisting of unique characters with special abilities. Players can switch between five different characters during a match, allowing for flexible strategies and continuous action. The objective is to score the most kills, with each death providing the opposing team an advantage, making every move critical.


Diverse Characters

FRAG Pro Shooter boasts a roster of over 70 unique characters, each with distinct abilities and play styles. This diversity allows players to build their dream team tailored to their strategic preferences. Whether you prefer long-range snipers, heavy gunners, or agile assassins, there’s a character for every play style. The game encourages players to experiment with different combinations, making each match a fresh and exciting experience.

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Customization and Upgrades

Customization is a key feature in FRAG Pro Shooter, allowing players to personalize their characters’ appearances and abilities. Players can change outfits to reflect their style, with options ranging from elegant to flashy. Additionally, regular participation in battles helps characters gain experience and power. Upgrading characters enhances their stats, such as hitpoints, damage per second, and speed, making them more formidable in combat. This progression system keeps players engaged as they work to strengthen their team.

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Clubs and Social Features

FRAG Pro Shooter fosters a strong community spirit with its club system. Players can join existing clubs or create their own, providing a platform to chat, share strategies, and compete together. Clubs are an excellent way for players to connect with others, learn new tactics, and improve their gameplay. By collaborating with club members, players can participate in club battles, earn rewards, and climb the leaderboards, adding a competitive edge to the game.

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Multiple Game Modes

The game offers various modes to keep the gameplay exciting and varied. Besides the standard 1v1 and team battles, FRAG Pro Shooter features a 2v2 mode where players can team up with a friend or a random player to take on another duo. This mode emphasizes teamwork and coordination, providing a different strategic challenge. The variety of game modes ensures that players never get bored and always have new ways to test their skills.

frag pro shooter mod apk latest version

User-Friendly Controls

FRAG Pro Shooter is designed with mobile users in mind, featuring intuitive controls that make gameplay smooth and accessible. The game uses dual joystick controls for movement and aiming, with an auto-fire option that activates when an enemy is in range. This setup reduces the learning curve and allows players to focus on strategy and positioning. The responsive controls contribute to the game’s fast-paced action and overall enjoyment.

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Regular Updates and New Content

The developers of FRAG Pro Shooter are committed to keeping the game fresh and engaging with regular updates. Each month, new heroes are introduced, and existing ones are balanced to ensure a dynamic meta. This constant evolution keeps the gameplay exciting and encourages players to adapt their strategies. Additionally, the updates often include new skins, maps, and game modes, providing players with endless possibilities for exploration and fun.


FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Apk offers an action-packed, strategic shooting experience that is both accessible and deeply engaging. Its diverse characters, extensive customization options, and vibrant community make it a standout in the mobile gaming world. Whether you’re teaming up with friends in a 2v2 battle, strategizing with club members, or experimenting with different character combinations, FRAG Pro Shooter delivers endless hours of thrilling gameplay. The regular updates and continuous introduction of new content ensure that the game remains fresh and exciting, keeping players coming back for more. Get into the world of FRAG Pro Shooter and discover why it’s one of the most popular mobile shooters today.

  • New Hero: Bob, the FRAG fan from outer space!
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

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